4th & 5th Grade Programs

School Tours at the Oregon Logging Conference

Engage your 4th or 5th grade students in an interactive and fun lesson in forestry. At the historic Oregon Logging Conference, which takes place annually in February at the Lane County Fair Grounds, students learn about trees, logging, and reforestation. They meet and interact with a professional forester, and get to tour the large equipment used in logging operations. This is a 1.5 hour lesson/ tour provided in partnership with Oregon Woman in Timber and The Oregon Logging Conference.

4/5 Tree Farm Field Trips

Give your students and outdoor learning experience on a working forest, located just south of Eugene, that is managed for timber, clean water, wildlife habitat, and educational opportunities. Your students will spend 2.5 hours in the forest rotating through hands-on learning stations where they will have a great time in the outdoors learning about:

• protecting clean water while playing a fun fish-toss game (no, not real fish!)
• sustainable forest management where students hike and explore
• tree adaptations and photosynthesis by viewing and handling various samples
• forest fire from ODF firefighters where students get to handle some of their equipment

These programs are excellent and memorable learning experiences for students and are offered FREE to your school, including transportation costs. The programs are organized, time-tested, and is tailored to support 4th/5th grade NGSS.