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Programs & Education

Forests Today and Forever offers a variety of programs for diverse audiences to promote awareness about forest management, and to support understanding of Oregon’s forests.  Many of our programs take place at working tree farms in the area, which are generously donated by forest landowners in support of education.  Our cornerstone program is Forest Field Days, which serves 1,700-2,000 middle school students each year.  We also offer programs for outdoor schoolstours for high school students, university and college classes, and adult groups.   At the Oregon Logging Conference, we provide school tours for fourth and fifth graders. Our programs are flexible, and we will work with teachers and other program leaders to create an experience that meets both our mission and your objectives.

Here are our guiding values:

  1. FTF values promoting awareness about the region’s forests through experiential and field-based learning opportunities for youth and adults.
  2. FTF values working forests as an important influence in the region’s past, present and future.
  3. FTF values sustainable forest practices, simultaneously meeting economic and community needs, while protecting the health and biodiversity of the forest ecosystem.
  4. FTF values making connections between forests and how people depend on the resources that forests provide to our community, such as jobs and the products people use every day.
  5. FTF values presenting messages that are science-based, respect the complexity of forest resource issues, and are sensitive to diverse experiences and viewpoints.

Most programs for schools are free, and transportation costs are reimbursed.

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